Whitby & Saltwick Bay 29th August 2015

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Today I visited the East Coast with my Dad to photograph the sunrise at Whitby. Its always been one of my favourite seaside towns and there are lots of great photo opportunities. Many may associate Whitby with the iconic Abbey, 199 Steps and Piers but those further afield will have heard of the coastal town as the setting based for Bram Stoka ‘Dracula’

We started our journey down at the Pier. I am really getting into Long Exposure photography using an ND filter and the first shot I took was this one.

Early morning Whitby


We then walked along the pier. I love the way they arch around out to sea and decided to take a picture of the curve. The sky was really dramatic and gave the picture a real moody edge.

Along the Pier


The next shot I wanted to take was of a single extension pier. Again I used a long exposure. This time 2 minutes. I wanted to give the water a real calm and silk like effect.

Red Pier

Red Pier


Next stop was the Abbey. This structure can be seen pretty much anywhere in Whitby and is perched high upon the hill. The views from the hill are absolutely breathtaking and the entire town of Whitby can be seen with a great view of the sea.

I’ve been wanting to capture this shot for a while but every time I have visited the weather has been grim. Luckily this time I had a bit of blue sky to go at 🙂 Whitby Abbey

Whitby Abbey


After the Abbey the next must see stop was the famous 199 steps. I was too lazy to walk up and down and count them so I just played it safe and took a picture from the top.

199 Steps


Once we had finished at Whitby my Dad really wanted to photograph the shipwreck at Saltwick bay. This was a great spot for photography and the beach and rocks were amazing to see. It was only a short 2 minute drive from Whitby so I definitely recommend checking it out next time you are in the area.

Saltwick Bay Shipwreck