Vanguard Supreme 53F hardcase

Dave ZdanowiczEquipment / Reviews

When spending £££££’s on camera equipment people often forget about protecting that equipment with decent quality bags and cases. For anyone who is traveling in rough terrain or has portrait or commercial job on location I would definitely 100% recommend the Vanguard Supereme 53F hard case. The thing is that well built even tanks are scared of it!

There is enough room in the case for all of my camera equipment including my body, 4 lenses, flash gun and even one of my GODOX lights. With room to spare!

Vanguard claim the case is virtually indestructible. This wasn’t something I wanted to put to the test with my gear inside but I can completely believe it. Part of their promotional campaign showed a car driving over the case! If the case can survive that you know your equipment is in safe hands. The case is also waterproof up to a depth of 5 meters.

This is now my go to case for all portrait jobs that I’m involved in. Its just a neat and safe way of transporting all my equipment.



I have attached the video of the resistance test for the case. I think this says it all.