Tokina Opera 50mm 1.4

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I have been very fortunate to use the new Tokina Opera 50mm over the last few weeks. My first impressions of the lens are nothing short of Tokinas usual high standards. Great consideration have been put into the manufacturing of the lens and it comes with a whole host of features which make this an excellent choice and purchase.

The Opera is the first in the series and packs a real punch. Traditionally shooting with a wide-angle this was a very unique experience using the 50mm. It took me outside of my comfort zone and really challenged me with my compositions.

Due to typical autumnal British weather I’ve not managed to get out and about as much as I would have liked but managed to take a few test images in various scenarios. The new dust and weather protection is a real benefit to the new lens.


Build and Handling. 

The 50mm prime is a full frame lens. When purchasing this lens you will also receive the expected lens hood and lens cap. It has the filter size of 72mm.

The construction of the lens is one of pure class and quality. Like with other Tokina lens the build is quite bulky and there is some substantial weight to it (especially considering its a 50mm lens). The lens weighs between 900-1000G (depending on lens hood) and  I certainly felt the weight of the lens after carrying it about for an hour or so with my Canon 6D. The focusing is extremely smooth and no none-sense and selection of AF and MF is a simple flick of the switch. (something which I prefer in comparison to the 24-70, which is a pull/push system of the lens ring). The focusing was also very quiet which is certainly an improvement on some of the other 50mm primes I have used in my time. The focus ring has a good grip and is very easy to operate. One function I like is that you can make subtle changes to the focus whilst still in AF mode.

The lens comes with the new ELR coating which Tokina state will drastically reduce ghosting and flare when shooting. This is something I have noticed whilst using the lens in comparison to older Tokina products. A definite improvement and certainly a massive plus in the features.

Another benefit to the new lens is the dust and weather protection. I think they have taken on board user suggestions to upgrade this facility in their lenses. Shooting in the UK I am often faced with all kinds of weather conditions and traditionally this would force me to postpone shooting. Thankfully this new lens has the protection which allowed me to endure a little bit of bad weather without the worry of it damaging the lens.



  • Extremely sharp across the range
  • Superb and well designed manufacturing
  • Silent and accurate auto focus
  • Dust and Weather Resistant
  • ELR coating means very little flare
  • Good control of the Chromatic Aberration


  • The weight (although some may see this as a plus, It really took its toll on me carrying this about for over an hour)
  • No Image stabilisation.
  • Cost. Although I must state that even though the price tag on this device is a lot it is certainly a fair price for the product.


For full specification please visit….Tokina Specifications

Sample Photographs.


Here are a few photographs I took with the 50mm. I was very impressed with the overall sharpness of the lens. The colours were very accurate and it performed well both handheld and on a tripod.



50mm. ISO100 f3.5 1/250

50mm ISO 100, f5, 1/30

ISO100 f8, 1 second

Iso100, f6.3, 1/160

Autumn in Judy Woods Bradford

Autumn in Judy Woods Bradford