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    Had Dave Zdanowicz stood his ground, life could have turned out very differently. Three years ago a colleague at the school where he works as a technician in the performing arts department announced that he was selling off some of his old camera equipment. He reckoned that Dave had a natural eye for photography and wondered if he … Read More


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Northern Life feature   Whitby Abbey A stunning collection of images showcasing the county of Yorkshire in all its glory Yorkshire is not only the largest county in England, it is also the most beautiful; just ask anyone living there. If there is a heaven then it must surely look like this, and landscape photographer, Dave Zdanowicz, has captured its … Read More

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Dave Zdanowicz shares some of his stunning and unusual images of the Yorkshire landscape, and tells us about his very modern path into photograph. Dave Zdanowicz didn’t take the usual route into photography. No youthful obsession with film, no fiddling about in dark rooms and no long days spent waiting for the perfect light. Instead, he took a more modern … Read More


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Pictures of paradise It can be argued that in this digital age, where the world appears to be a mass of rushing, bustling and constant motion, one does not have the opportunity to sit, stop and reflect. Yorkshire is a beautiful county. Sprawling hills, boundless forests, imposing mountains and astounding rock formations separate remote farmhouses and quaint hamlets, while drystone … Read More

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 Yorkshire Photographer, Dave Zdanowicz Yorkshire landscapes, both rural and industrial feature in Yorkshire photographer Dave Zdanowicz’s award-winning work… Tell us about how you started in photography – was it a career, a hobby or something else? I first became interested in photography when I downloaded Instagram onto my iPhone. I started following a few great photographers and it really opened … Read More

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Harold Park In the Winter by David Zdanowicz We were looking for your best pictures of icy winter landscapes this month. The winner was Harold Park in the Winter by David Zdanowicz, who wins a selection of goodies.