NiSi 100mm System V5-PRO Filter Holder Kit

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I’ve been after a new filter holder for quite some time. There is nothing worse than having something that isn’t up to the job when you’re out on a landscape, picture having cold hands when you’re trying to fiddle about with expensive glass. It can be a nightmare. I’ve dropped a few filters suffering from this.

I have read a lot of reviews about the new Nisi filter system so I was dying to give it a try. I’ve owned it for a couple of weeks now and I have really taken to it. It makes using my filters that little bit easier and the build quality is superb as is the presentation from opening the box.

The filter system comes in a really nice case which can be attached to a bag. This was a bonus as I didn’t have to mess about trying to find room for anything. Another bonus is that is comes with a multiple of ring sizes. This is something I’ve never invested in and previously the only ring adapter I had was for my 77mm Wide Angle.

The kit comes complete with 67mm, 72mm, 77mm and 82mm Ring Adapter.

My favourite part of the piece of kit is the Circular Polariser. Until you’ve used a CPL its something you don’t think you need, however, once you have used one its something you can’t live without.  What does one do ? It helps bring out the colour and detail of a sky and it helps reduce the glare on water.

Here is an example!


Polariser off (1 of 1)

without CPL.

Polariser on (1 of 1)

With CPL











As you can see from the images the CPL has reduced the glare on the water considerably. This allowed me to capture the detail of the rocks laying beneath the water.


The only recommendation I would give to NISI is to adapt a holder which would allow the use of 4mm filters.

If you would like to purchase the NISI filter you can do so at Amazon 

Heres some pics I’ve taken using the filter on my travels of the last 2 weeks 🙂


judy woods 4 (1 of 1) copy

Judy Woods Waterfall

bronte falls 2 (1 of 1)

Bronte Waterfall

West Burton Circle (1 of 1)

West Burton circles




Lone Tree. Woolley

West Burton falls 1

West Burton Falls