Mam Tor, Derbyshire. September 5th 2015.

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Todays photography adventure took me and my Dad to Derbyshire and one of the most popular destinations ‘Mam Tor’. With the journey taking nearly 90 minutes it took a what most people would class as craziness to set my alarm at 3:50am in order to catch the sunset. I’m still saying its dedication but I don’t know how long I can fool myself.

I’m 100% proud to be from Yorkshire and will always sing our countrysides and landscapes praises but I have to doff my imaginary cap to Derbyshire. It has some amazing scenes.

Mam Tor is situated near Castleton and has a nick name “Mother Hill”. I’ve gotta say after walking up the hill (which nearly ended me) I was pleased to reach the top. The views were outstanding.

One of the most popular views in the UK. “The Edale rush up” its picture picture.


The Edale Rush up


Looking the other way towards Hope Valley. The views are just as spectacular. The sheep in Derbyshire seem a bit more camera ready and they were all up for posing. Can’t knock their bravery either. They were hanging off cliffs I wouldn’t even dare walk near

Hope Valley.

Hope Valley.

The trig point on top of the hill dates back to the Bronze age. A the 360 degree view from this point is amazing.

peak of mam tor


Even the sheep were enjoying this particular part of the mountain

The long walk home

The long walk home


One particular sheep was over the moon to have the entire view to herself.

bahhhhh the whole place to myself.

bahhhhh the whole place to myself.

I would definitely recommend this location whether you fancy a walk or keen on photography. You won’t be disappointed.