London. August 26th 2015

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LONDON. August 26th 2015

Today I visited London. Its always been one of my favourite destinations to visit and I wanted to try and get some of the popular landmarks in during my short stay. Theres always the problem of the city being so busy so I tried to get out early morning and I also used a Zomei ND1000 filter to allow for longer exposures.  I just about managed to get the pictures looking clear 🙂


St Pauls Cathedral

St Pauls and the millennium bridge has always been one of wish list destinations and I was lucky enough to have a clear sky on the morning. I set up at the furthest end of the bridge and used the 3 walkways as a leading line towards the cathedral.

Camera settings: Zomei ND1000 filter set at ISO100/30seconds. F5.6

Canon 17-40L series


Tower Bridge

This scene caught my eye straight away. The last glimpse of daylight was just catching the towers and the moon just added something special to the picture.

Camera settings:  Zomei ND1000 filter set at ISO 100/30secs f6.7

Canon 17-40 L Series


Thames at night

I waited until after the sun had set to capture this picture. I wanted to capture the after glow in the sky and the city night lights. I used a really long exposure to create a silk like affect in the water.

Camera settings: Zomei ND1000 Filter set at ISO 100/300secs f6.7

Canon 17-40 L series