In my kit bag (Hoya ND 1000)

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The Hoya ND1000 is my favourite filter to use. My entire style of photography has developed through experimenting with long exposures. Have you ever wondered how the water looks like silk on waterfalls ? or why the sea looks so peaceful ? 9/10 its due to a long exposure. An ND filter limits the amount of light picked up by the camera. This in turn allows for a longer exposure. This can create some great dramatic effects and supernatural looks to a photograph.

The ND1000 is a 10 stop filter and is currently the strongest ND that Hoya produce. There is a slight colourcast with the filter which is the case for most 10 stop filters. This is easily corrected if you shoot in Raw using Lightroom and the White balance and temperature correction tools.

It is essential that you use a tripod when shooting with an ND filter as the camera will need to be still for however long the exposure  is set to. I thoroughly recommend purchasing a set of ND filters and experiment in different situations. Its great fun 🙂

To get the most out of your ND filter it is always best to use them with fast moving clouds and moving water.


Red sky in the morning

Bolton Abbey. Taken on a 180 Second exposure. f8. ISO 100. Using a hoya ND1000

Along the pier Whitby

Whitby Pier. 240 second exposure. f6.7 Iso 100. Using a HOYA ND1000 and a Format Hi-tech Soft grad 0.9

Redbrook Reservoir in Huddersfield on a Long exposure. A very cold morning.

Redbrook Reservoir in Huddersfield on a Long exposure. A very cold morning. 180 Seconds. f6.7 iso 100. Hoya ND1000.

The clouds on were moving quickly which adds real drama to the shot when used with an ND filter.


malhamtarn 5

Malham Tarn. 30 second Exposure. f8. Iso 100.

The ND filter gives that impression of stillness on the water and brings out the clarity.


Reflection perfection

Jug Damn at sunset. 180 seconds. f11. Iso 100.

snowy gibson mill

Gibson Mill. 30 Seconds exposure. f11. ISO 100. Taken with a canon 7D.

The deep. Hull

The Deep Hull. Taken 2 hours before sunset. 120 second exposure. F22. ISO 100

Again the ND filter in this shot smoothed out the water but added some real drama through the clouds.

The thames

Thames at sunset. 480 second exposure. f6.7 ISO 100

The white cliffs of yorkshire

Flamborough. 30 seconds exposure. f4 ISO 100

tower bridge

Tower Bridge. 120 second exposure. f5.6 ISO 100.


Derwent Water Jetty ND1000

Derwent Water Jetty. 240 second exposure. f11. ISO 100