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Haworth is a lovely village in West Yorkshire. Its been great to me photography wise and always throws up something special whenever I visit. Whether its the main streets or the surrounding moors.

Probably most famous as the home of the Bronte sisters it is soaked in History and its truly worth a journey.

The main street is a like a scene out of a postcard. Everything is perfectly placed (apart from the litter bin).

Main Street Haworth

Main Street Haworth


The Bronte parsonage is the lifelong home of the Bronte sisters and where many of their novels were penned. Now a museum it is one of the most popular visitor spots in Haworth.

Bronte Parsonage

Bronte Parsonage



The surrounding moors are just as picture perfect. Who’d like to take a seat here at take in the view?

Seat with a view - Haworth West Yorkshire

A Seat with a view

The animals are a real friendly bunch!