Review – Kase Filters Wolverine 0.9 Soft Grad

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I love testing and trying new equipment. I’ve always been happy with my Hoya circular ND filters but in any photographers kitback the use of graduated filters are a must. Prior to using the new Kase wolverine series I have been using a Formatt- Hitech firecrest 0.9 and to date was really happy with this.  I very excited to try … Read More

On top of the earth.

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In my 3 odd years doing photographing landscapes I’ve only been lucky enough to witness a cloud inversion a couple of times. It truly is a wonderful sight to witness and certainly adds something special to the pictures. The morning at Mam Tor in Derbyshire was one of the greatest sunrises I have ever witnessed. The colours in the sky … Read More

The North East Coast

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I think the beaches and seaside towns in the north east are some of the most beautiful in the UK. We have a mixture of everything from fishing villages, piers, sandy and stoney beaches, lighthouses, Abbeys and everything else in between. The towns are bathed in history and there is something to do for everyone. The journey to capture most … Read More

Lake District

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I’ve been wanting to go back and photograph the lake district for quite some time. Its one of the most beautiful locations in the country and the last time I visited the weather wasn’t the best. I really wanted another shot at capturing some great scenes. Luckily this time the weather was absolutely perfect. I managed to capture quite a … Read More

(in my kit bag) Hoya ND100

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The Hoya ND100 is my second favourite ND filter in my bag. I’ll be honest and say I don’t use this one quite as often as I prefer to really extend the exposures (using the ND1000)to create a more ethereal effect with my shots. Again like the ND1000 there is very little colourcast with this product and to say it … Read More


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YORKSHIRE IN PHOTOGRAPHS by David Zdanowicz.   Im very excited to say that my book is now available for pre order. Ever since I purchased my first camera in July 2013 I have been hooked on photographing the amazing Yorkshire Landscape. My love for landscape photography has really helped me see what an amazing county I live in, some of … Read More

Lake District

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It was an absolute pleasure to experience my first trip to the Lake District. It definitely lived up to the hype. I probably didn’t pick the best time of year to visit (in the middle of winter) but it was still awe inspiring. It rained for 90% of my visit but managed to get a few gaps in the cloud … Read More


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Todays trip out took myself and my Dad to Scarborough on the East Coast. It was a magnificent sunrise and the colours bouncing off the water covered sand was amazing.   There was another couple of photographers on the beach which really added to the scene.   Man and his best friend.   I was really shocked to see some … Read More


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Todays destination is Whitby In North Yorkshire. This is one of my favourite places in the UK. Its a quaint little seaside spot  with loads of hidden gems. I’ve always ventured to the Abbey side when taking photographs here so this time I thought I’d head over to the other side near the famous whalebones and beach huts. It did … Read More

Misty Malham Sunrise

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The weather report wasn’t great this morning but me and my dad decided to take a chance and head over to Malham in North Yorkshire. On the way there we noticed some rolling mist traveling across a field. The sky was just starting to turn an amazing pinky/red colour.   It was a really beautiful scene and the silhouette of … Read More