NiSi 100mm System V5-PRO Filter Holder Kit

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I’ve been after a new filter holder for quite some time. There is nothing worse than having something that isn’t up to the job when you’re out on a landscape, picture having cold hands when you’re trying to fiddle about with expensive glass. It can be a nightmare. I’ve dropped a few filters suffering from this. I have read a … Read More

Vanguard Supreme 53F hardcase

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When spending £££££’s on camera equipment people often forget about protecting that equipment with decent quality bags and cases. For anyone who is traveling in rough terrain or has portrait or commercial job on location I would definitely 100% recommend the Vanguard Supereme 53F hard case. The thing is that well built even tanks are scared of it! There is … Read More

The editing process.

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Another question I often get asked is do I edit my photographs.  I answer this by simply saying that any photograph that is ever published has had some editing along the way. Why is this ? Firstly by shooting in RAW the photographer is taking control of every process of the editing. When shooting in JPEG the camera will do … Read More

How to take those silky long exposure waterfall shots.

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I often get asked how to create the smooth silky like water effect when photographing waterfalls. I thought I would put together a quick guide on what equipment you need and how to use it.   What you need:   A waterfall  A tripod  I use a Vanguard ALTA PRO 283CT and BBH-300 ball head ND Filter I used a Hoya ND100 … Read More

In my kit bag (Hoya ND 1000)

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The Hoya ND1000 is my favourite filter to use. My entire style of photography has developed through experimenting with long exposures. Have you ever wondered how the water looks like silk on waterfalls ? or why the sea looks so peaceful ? 9/10 its due to a long exposure. An ND filter limits the amount of light picked up by … Read More

(In my kit bag) Tokina 16-28 F2.8

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The Tokina 16-28 is a great piece of kit and is often my go to lens when I am after a sharp crisp image. The 2.8 is great for astro and lowlight photography. I have owned the lens for over a year now and it is built like a tank. I’ve used the lens in all sorts of conditions and … Read More

My equipment list

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I get a lot of questions from other photographers about what gear I use to produce my pictures. So I thought I’d make a post highlighting everything in my camera bag.   Equipment List:   Camera: Canon EOS 6D.  This is a superb camera. It really handles everything I throw at it well. The low light capabilities of the camera … Read More