Tokina Opera 50mm 1.4

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I have been very fortunate to use the new Tokina Opera 50mm over the last few weeks. My first impressions of the lens are nothing short of Tokinas usual high standards. Great consideration have been put into the manufacturing of the lens and it comes with a whole host of features which make this an excellent choice and purchase. The … Read More

Cleft lip and palate association. My story.

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My name is Dave Zdanowicz. I was recently asked by the Cleft Lip & Palate association (CLAPA) to share my story about growing up and dealing with the issues surrounding the condition. At first I was unsure whether to go for it as its not something I usually talk about, If anything I try to avoid thinking about it. Background … Read More

The Yorkshire Wordwright

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I am very pleased to announce that I now part of ‘The Yorkshire Wordwright’ family. They are a Yorkshire business who specialise in producing creative solutions for design and copyright. A little about them……   Crafting Your Communications Professional, enthusiastic, effective…The Yorkshire Wordwright, an Otley, Leeds based design and copywriting business, seeks to support you by offering value for money … Read More

Review – Kase Filters Wolverine 0.9 Soft Grad

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I love testing and trying new equipment. I’ve always been happy with my Hoya circular ND filters but in any photographers kitback the use of graduated filters are a must. Prior to using the new Kase wolverine series I have been using a Formatt- Hitech firecrest 0.9 and to date was really happy with this.  I very excited to try … Read More

NiSi 100mm System V5-PRO Filter Holder Kit

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I’ve been after a new filter holder for quite some time. There is nothing worse than having something that isn’t up to the job when you’re out on a landscape, picture having cold hands when you’re trying to fiddle about with expensive glass. It can be a nightmare. I’ve dropped a few filters suffering from this. I have read a … Read More

My 2nd book (More Yorkshire in Photographs)

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I am currently in the process of selecting the images for the 2nd instalment of my book “Yorkshire in Photographs” Amberley publishing were extremely pleased with how the first book was received and thought it would be a great idea to release a second chapter highlighting some new locations as well as visiting some popular spots. I will keep everyone … Read More

Vanguard Supreme 53F hardcase

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When spending £££££’s on camera equipment people often forget about protecting that equipment with decent quality bags and cases. For anyone who is traveling in rough terrain or has portrait or commercial job on location I would definitely 100% recommend the Vanguard Supereme 53F hard case. The thing is that well built even tanks are scared of it! There is … Read More

The editing process.

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Another question I often get asked is do I edit my photographs.  I answer this by simply saying that any photograph that is ever published has had some editing along the way. Why is this ? Firstly by shooting in RAW the photographer is taking control of every process of the editing. When shooting in JPEG the camera will do … Read More

On top of the earth.

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In my 3 odd years doing photographing landscapes I’ve only been lucky enough to witness a cloud inversion a couple of times. It truly is a wonderful sight to witness and certainly adds something special to the pictures. The morning at Mam Tor in Derbyshire was one of the greatest sunrises I have ever witnessed. The colours in the sky … Read More

How to take those silky long exposure waterfall shots.

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I often get asked how to create the smooth silky like water effect when photographing waterfalls. I thought I would put together a quick guide on what equipment you need and how to use it.   What you need:   A waterfall  A tripod  I use a Vanguard ALTA PRO 283CT and BBH-300 ball head ND Filter I used a Hoya ND100 … Read More