My equipment list

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I get a lot of questions from other photographers about what gear I use to produce my pictures. So I thought I’d make a post highlighting everything in my camera bag.


Equipment List:



Canon EOS 6D.  This is a superb camera. It really handles everything I throw at it well. The low light capabilities of the camera are superb and even at high ISO there is very little noise. I think I would be hard pushed to ever swap this camera and unless I win the lottery I think I’ll be happy with this camera for a long time.

Canon Eos 6D

Canon Eos 6D. Image provided by Canon



Canon 17-40L series. This is the wide angle I use on my camera. This is on my camera 90% of the time. I really like to photograph landscapes and I think that extra bit of view is needed. The lens is quite light weight and has always produced good results for me. It handles sun flair very well and the colour retention is great. The sharpness out of the box was good but after micro calibrating the lens it is now pin sharp.





Canon 17-40L series Lens. Image provided by Canon



Tamron 24-70. This was the first ever Tamron lens that I purchased. I wanted something with a low aperture. I was initially blown away by the sharpness. Its a really great versatile lens and the Vibration control really gives it that extra thumbs up. The lens is quite weighty and very well built.

Tamron 24-70VC. Image provided by TamronUSA

Tamron 24-70VC. Image provided by TamronUSA



Tamron 70-200. Although this isn’t the lens that I use the most, it is without doubt my favourite. Its incredibly sharp and is superb for portrait and product photography. The 2.8 Aperture gives a great depth of field.

Tamron 70-200. Image provided by TamronUSA

Tamron 70-200. Image provided by TamronUSA



Other accessories which I use:

  • Manfrotto 055xprob aluminium tripod
  • Manfrotto 294 Carbon Tripod
  • Zomei ND1000 10 stop Filter
  • Canon Shutter remote
  • Apple 27″ Imac running Lightroom 6.